Tahiti Grape 8 Hole Pendant

Tahiti Grape 8 Hole Pendant


This ocarina is capable of 13 diatonic notes and 9 chromatic notes, from 'G4' to 'E6' and is tuned in the key of C. The extended range of this ocarina is possible due to the fipple hole design and the 2 sub-holes. It allows for easy fipple hole bends. 

It is approximately 2 inches in diameter, and is perfect for wearing as an accessory to your everyday clothing. Bring the sound of music anywhere you go with a stylish pendant ocarina!

This ocarina includes an instruction booklet with information on how to play, some songs, and an introduction to playing a new type of ocarina tablature.

This ocarina is carefully handcrafted out of ceramic and made here in the United States! The variations in the colors from ocarina to ocarina are characteristic of this glazing process adding to its natural beauty, and is in no way to be considered as imperfections.

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