Fairy Ocarina

Fairy Ocarina


Tenrai Ocarina is proud to bring to you the 9 Hole Fairy Ocarina replica from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time! This ocarina utilizes the english pendant fingerings with elements of transverse fingering style. In addition to a regular 6 hole english fingering system, there are 2 sub-holes to go below the tonic, and one hole to reach a fourth above the octave. This gives it the range of a 12 hole transverse ocarina! This ocarina is an Alto C ocarina and can go from an A3 to an F5. It is fully chromatic. 

It includes a song book and a quick start guide!

This ocarina is modeled from the original Fairy Ocarina from the original game. This ocarina is carefully handcrafted out of ceramic and made here in the United States!

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